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New Pandora Classes

The Pandora setting now has two additional expansions in the form of new classes for races of Arkana and Humanity. Pick off foes from a distance wielding one of three legendary bows as a Erote or take the fight to them using one of Wayland’s seven magical swords as his Progeny. These new classes add amazing new possibilities to your party builds and can be fierce if met on the battlefield.

Pandora London Trailer

The new trailer for Pandora London.

CSRPS Teaser

The new CSRPS Teaser, as seen on trailers for all Cascade Studios products that use the Cascade Studios Role Playing System.

WIP Added

A new section covering WIP projects has been added to highlight games still in development before they are completed and given sections of their own.

Major Updates

In addition to chronicling the release of Pandora Midwinter and The Shadow Campaign, the site has had a complete overhaul to better section out RPGs by category.


Some slight tweaks to the page content on Pandora and Golden Age to make them more accessible to new players. Images added to the Overview section to make it more appealing and contact details for Cascade Studios added.



Website is created with the intention of supporting the Cascade Studios Role Playing System (CSRPS) with details on existing products and the overall system added. At this time both Golden Age and Pandora are freely available for download on the store.