Golden Age


“The world is on the cusp of a new age, but will it be one of peace and prosperity or will the shadow of darkness spread to engulf what little remains? Three heroes separated by space but joined by destiny, each struggle with their own trials. The freelancer Edge, who must play the role of guide against his will. The assassin Dante, who is more than he appears to be, and the errant knight Mia, who finds herself suddenly in mortal danger. What awaits them is unknown, but they hold within them the promise of a new Golden Age . . .” – NARRATOR 1.1

Based on the original fantasy audio-drama series from Cascade Studios, Golden Age brings the player deep into a rich world filled with adventure and the promise that great potential can be unlocked from even the most modest of characters. Using the CSRPS as a base and putting the focus on player customization, Golden Age uses systems for building powerful weapons and creating skills from scratch rather than selecting them from within a limited pool. Your imagination is the only thing holding you back from greatness.

Golden Age is currently in its second edition rule-set having undergone a complete update and overhaul to being the experience up to date and is enjoying great success in the free-market. The second edition Adventurer’s Guidebook and Easy-Print Character Sheets supplement can both be downloaded free of charge from alongside a custom-made Dice Rolling application.



  • A deep weapon customization system that allows for almost any item in the game to be used in synthesis with your class’ weapon of choice to add new status boosting and inflicting effects in battle.
  • Create your own skills within the specifications of your class, allowing for characters to develop naturally in the direction you want.
  • Bond characters to rare and powerful Dijinn in order to add spell casting to your list of abilities, befriend and earn the creature’s trust in order to strengthen these skills.
  • Select a class from a range of 15 different Callings.
  • Explore a rich fantasy setting based on a pre-existing IP that can be enjoyed completely free of charge.

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