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“The story of Pandora is one of the most famous and well known of the Greek myths, a tale told to children to encourage them to behave. It is also a lie.

One of the most carefully crafted pieces of fiction ever produced in order to hide a greater truth. The reality is that Pandora pre-dates the Geek gods, and though she has known many names throughout the course of history she is perhaps most correctly known in her Christian guise as Lilith, the mother of monsters. First woman created by God and expelled from Eden to be replaced by Eve. She wondered the world. Cold, hungry and alone she faced hardships beyond imagining until fate caused her to stumble at last into the Pandora . . .”

The world is host to many strange and supernatural forces. The Arkana and the Mythos are just the tip of what awaits Humanity as we fight to take back out cities and wage a secret war against impossible odds. This world is an island, and we are being invaded.

The focus of Pandora is very much on atmosphere and the ability to tell a story that can be both tense and exciting. This is aided by the fast paced nature of the CSRPS because it clears the path for Storytellers to lay down some amazing stories without having to slow the process down with over-complicated rules. Skill trees and a mission based layout for campaigns enables players old and new to quickly grasp what they are doing and enjoy the game.


  • An easy to understand character Race and Class system built on the concept of representing each of the 4 basic Traits. Select from a pool of 12 base classes, expanded to 16 with additional content.
  • All characters can switch freely between a close and ranged approach to combat, with dual weapons assigned by class.
  • A dense and well outlined setting that takes place in modern real-world cities, allowing Storytellers to draw on a wealth of freely available information.

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