The CSRPS is a pen and paper role playing system devised by Cascade Studios specifically for the creation of fast-paced and easy to play games. Character creation and combat have received additional attention with parties of new characters made by new players up and gaming in record time.

Each game setting released under the CSRPS banner uses modified variants of the same system, adding their own twists to the way the game works to better serve the subject material. The two things they all share in common are the use of D10s for randomly deciding outcomes and the four Traits which make up the backbone of the in-game rules. They are as follows:

  • PHYSICAL which is used to determine the strength of a character and is applied to all rolls regarding physical actions. Breaking down a door, attacking an opponent or keeping your grip on a rail are all good examples of this.
  • SOCIAL is used to interact with others, including the party and non-playable characters. Those with low social find it difficult to charm, lie and convince others whilst those with a higher social trait can effortlessly encourage others to help them.
  • MENTAL power is primarily used to judge the speed with which a character’s brain works. Higher mental characters have a better chance of acting first in combat, spot traps or clues to puzzles and can work complex devices.
  • OTHER is linked to the style of the setting. Named according to its function, it usually links directly to the equivalent of magic or skill based progression for characters as well as their working knowledge of it.

As you gain points in the traits above your character gains proficiency in them, meaning that they are a measure of ability. A character with a full physical trait could conceivably lift a car, whilst one with considerably less can only rock it where it sits.

Points in traits also add dice to your dice pools, which can be a mixed blessing. Rolling a 10 usually triggers special actions whilst rolling 1s fails any roll.


Games using the CSRPS also make regular use of player REWARD POINTS that allow them to modify rolls and stack the odds in their favor. These are usually named according to each individual system’s setting, but are always given by the Storyteller to the players as a reward for excellent role playing in-game.

All CSRPS games come with carefully designed and lavishly created rulebooks that feature top of the range graphic design and illustration and come in printable high resolution .PDF format that is compatible with all digital book reading devices for easy reference both on and off the printed page. Character sheets and other necessary printed pages are also always supplied as easy-print black and white documents in addition to the colour rulebooks to save ink and lower print costs.

Cascade Site

Cascade Studios creates a wealth of digital content that can be enjoyed free of charge across multiple media formats. By far their biggest title at this time is Golden Age, which spans multiple seasons of Audio Drama, several RPG source books (which are detailed on this website) and a Facebook computer game among other formats. Be sure to check out their homepage at www.cascadestudios.co.uk to see them at their best and be sure to pass along any comments in their Forum or via their Facebook group. Cascade Studios operates in the United Kingdom and was founded in 2008.

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